Opening up the future with drones

Education and research on drone social implementation

Agricultural field

In addition to aerial spraying of pesticides using drones, it is thought that it will be possible to identify the harvest time of crops with low-altitude aerial photography using drones.
Originally, in Hokkaido and elsewhere, helicopters were used to determine when to harvest wheat, and it cost 400,000 yen to shoot one aerial image.
However, if the wheat is harvested at the wrong time, the yield will be greatly reduced.
Therefore, there is a possibility of using drones in the agricultural field using image processing software technology.


The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan is already using drones for surveying. A laser measuring instrument is used for surveying, but the problem is that the laser measuring instrument is expensive.

The risk of the drone crashing and losing the laser equipment is high. Therefore, combining low-cost image sensors with image processing technology may enable low-cost, high-speed image processing.


It is possible to capture the entire building, even if it is difficult to photograph from the ground due to the adjoining land.

Since you can shoot realistic images instead of CG, you can shoot images that convey the designer's thoughts more.

A helicopter cannot descend to 20 or 30 meters, but a small drone can.

Crime prevention measures

The Metropolitan Police Department and prefectural police are already using drones for security and search.

In fact, the Nagano Prefectural Police are taking aerial shots with drones when dealing with traffic accidents.

As a result, we are able to speed up the lifting of traffic restrictions.

airfreight service

For transporting lifesaving supplies in emergencies and disasters

Drone is used.

In addition, transportation of medicines to remote islands is being considered.​

However, drones have to fly a considerable distance to deliver packages to homes.

And it is also true that there are two big challenges.

Two major challenges are the need for air traffic control for drones and battery power.

How to clear these two points is the key to further development of drone air transportation services.